Extruded/ Molded Thermoset Rubber

Thermoset rubber material is available in a wide range of polymer types and chemistry. Seal and Foam can provide support in material choice, application development, and consideration of the advantages and disadvantages as they relate to customer objectives.


Plastics are utilized in an almost limitless number of applications, and can be engineered for a multitude of purposes. Plastics can offer considerable economic advantage, and are the best material choice in many options.

Extruded Foam Sheet, Shapes, Block Open Cell, Closed Cell

Foam materials are utilized in applications that require a low density, relatively inexpensive way to create a positive seal, insulate vibration an thermal variation, and cushion against impact or wear. This type of material possess unique properties which can offer advantages for engineers in design and problem solving.

Extruded/ Co Extruded


 Hule Nitrilo  NBR
 Hule Etileno Propileno  EPDM
 Hule Silicón  SIL
 Hule Fluoro Carbono  FKM / VITON
 Hule Polo Cloropreno  CR
 Hule Poloacrilato  ACM
 Hule Nitrilo Hidrogenado  HNBR
 Hule Butadieno Estireno  SBR
 Hule Poliuretano  PU
 Hule Silicón Fluoruro   FSIL
 Caucho Natural  NR
 Caucho Butyl  IIR
 Nitrilo Carboxilado  XNBR
 Polietileno Clorosulfonado, Hypalon  CSM
 Epiclorohidrina  ECO
 Vamac (Etileno / Acrílico)  VAMAC

Die Cut Foam


Etileno Propileno Espuma con Cloropreno EPDM+CR
Etileno Propileno Espuma con Estireno EPDM+SBR
Etileno Propileno Espuma Libre de Azufre EPDM-S
Etileno Propileno Espuma Celda Cerrada EPDM
Etileno Propileno Espuma Celda Abierta EPDM
Polivinilo Espuma PVC
Poliuretano Espuma PU
Uretano Espuma UR
Estireno Espuma SBR
Nitrilo Espuma con Estireno NBR+SBR
Polietileno Espuma PE
Cloropreno Espuma CR

Molded / Co Molded


Hule Etileno Propileno EPDM
Caucho Natural NR
Neopreno CR
Polisopreno PI
Poliuretano PU
Viton FKM
Nitrilo NBR
Silicon NBQ